Masterlink was established at 1988. We run the business over 27 years in Hong Kong. We evolve from a small business into a diversified enterprise.

In the past decade, we took part in a lot of information/communication infrastructure of Hong Kong. like Hong Kong International Airport, MTR and Hong Kong Disneyland. From those projects, we were inspired that communication is the most important equipment in every business entity. However the investment is huge for a SME (Small Medium Enterprise). So we bring in the VOIP ( Voice over IP) technology from foreign country and localize it for the customer who has factory in PRC and office in Hong Kong. We understand that this sector of customer spend ton of money in IDD every month. Our customer not only enjoying a low and fixed cost; but also can work round the clock.

Due to the sound respond from our customers using VOIP, we keep going to bring in the most advanced technology from foreign country to our royal customer. They enjoy the Intranet, email server, network (wired or wireless), remote surveillance system, remote support, disaster recover, Web page design and hosting etc. The more our customer invest on the IT system, the more return from the sales figure and cost control. We get more new customers from the word of mouth of our loyal customer.

Our conclusion from our year of service is: SME must upgrade their IT weapon in order to win the Business Game nowadays. Say, if you are not hook with Internet today, you already ‘out’. So we change our role from a Vendor into a Business Partner (in the aspect of IT). Our customers take our opinion seriously to upgrade
their competitive strength.

Our customer come from Hospital, Bank, University, Public listed Company, Construction Company, Factory, Trading office, non-profit making organization, and Government sponsoring agency etc.

Our belief is: we MASTER the IT and LINK them up.