Several revolutionary forces are at work in the computer technology world today. Most importantly, it is not the speed at which hardware has been improved nor software has been created, but the evolution of computer to become part of the so-called global telecommunications village. The arrival of Internet, which serves as a convenient means of access to all computers worldwide, has opened all computer users to an unlimited wealth of information and data, and indeed a new era of information proliferation. This process will reshape human life in a way telephone did more than hundred years ago.

The exponential growth in the population of computer users has been made possible by the development of numerous increasingly user-friendly software. People formerly deterred by highly technical applications and jargons can now explore new areas of computer functions, leading to the steady growth in computer literacy and penetration. From the embryonic stage of being a simple device to computer, from which the word Computer” is derived, the machine has now been given new dimensions by incorporating the previous functions of TV sets, telephone, fax machines, CD and VCD players, and sound recorders. And the list will undoubtedly gain in length in the future.

All these developments are aided by the advent in the processing hardware that formed the physical backbone of any system. It is not an understatement, perhaps, that it will be faster for the manufacturer to double the processor speed than that a user needs to accustom to the existing version.

The confluence of these forces has generated a new era for the industry. Even the most seasoned analyst is astonished by the pace of changes currently taking place in the computer universe, let alone the end-users. We are devoted to become your partner in assisting clients to reap maximum benefits from the computer age. Beginning with the evaluation of your specific needs, we will furnish a complete solution including recommendation and supply of the requisite hardware and software. What we have not forgotten is the importance of the follow-up services for repair and maintenance. Regular check-up programs conducted by our engineers will ensure the smooth operation of the system, and on site maintenance services will be a phone call away at your disposal should the situation arises.

Our mission of being an integrated service provider is built on the fact that all elements of the computer and system are intertwined to form a working machine. The future for the computer is promised to be exciting, and certainty a challenging one. And we hope to be your firm partner and driver during the voyage – on the technology highway.