Over the last eleven years, the company has involved in numerous projects and installed collectively 10,000 sets of computers for approximately 1,000 clients. The following gives brief description of the selected projects arranged, advised by them, together with hardware and software supply. These deals are notable for their innovation and have set a milestone in the respective industry of the clients.


March 1995 – Working with client from the onset with a view to developing a system linking its Hong Kong headquarters with offices in Guangzhou and Fuzhou, PRC. The system is designed to manage the company bill of lading and import/export documentation through router, and is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.


October 1995 – the company support the majority of the above project in relation with Hong Kong new airport in Chek Lap Kok. In addition to individuals localities in runway project 410, development above Tung Chung Airport Railway station, Yam O and Siu Ho Wan, the company also installed a T1 linkage from these sites to the Highways Department and related monitoring system and software. The project not only reinforces the company strong foothold in the construction industry, but also boosts for its complication rising the diverse distribution of the network.