MTRC Contract 501 Central Station and Tunnels

Aoki Corporation


Lee Gardens Redevelopment

Aoki Corporation


Airport Project NCC410 Landside Infrastructure

Nishimatsu-Costain-China Harbour Joint Venture


West Rail Contract CC202, Yuen Long and Long Ping Stations

AMEC-Hong Kong Construction CC-202 Joint Venture


Contract HY/98/02 Widening of Tolo Highway between Island House Interchange

And Ma Lui Shui Interchange

Hong Kong Construction (Holdings) Ltd. & Maunsell Consultantd Asia Ltd.


MTRC LAR Phase 2 Contract 507A Lai King to Olympic Viaduct

NECSO Entrecanales S.A.


KCRC West Rail Contract CC212 Siu Hong Stations

HKACE Joint Venture


KCRC West Rail Contract 213 Tuen Mun Stations

HKACE Joint Venture


KCRC-West Rail Contract No CC-602

Necso Entrecanales Cubiertas,S.A


KCRC West Rail Contract CC604

COSTAIN-China Harbour Joint Venture


KCRC East Extensions Contract TCC200 Tai Wai to Shek Mun

NESCO-China State-Hip Hing Joint Venture


KCRC East Extensions Contract TCC300 Shek Mun to Lee On

NESCO-China State-Hip Hing Joint Venture


Penny’s Bay Reclamation

Hong Kong Construction (Holdings) Ltd.

Scott Wilson ( Hong Kong ) Ltd.


Contract No. 11/WSD/01

Water Supply to South East Kowloon Development, Stage 1, Construction of  Diamond Hill No. 2 Fresh Water Service Reservoir and Laying of Fresh Water and Salt Water Mains

Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd


Contract HY/2001/18

BARBICAN Contruction Company Ltd.


10-Year Extended Landslip Preventive Measures Project Phase 1, Package Landslip Preventive Works for Slopes in Hong Kong Island and Outlying Islands

Contract GE/2002/09

Wellway Engineering Ltd